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Maintaining Sustainability

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Mar 5, 2019 2:24:11 PM

Part of every company’s business plan includes an overview of its sustainability, both financially and environmentally, including where those two elements impact each other. Over the past few years, TMG has taken several steps to improve our sustainability in the office. These efforts not only impact the culture and morale in the office but also improve our global footprint within our community. We’ve compiled our top three ways we’re becoming “greener,” making it easy for anyone to partake in our programs!

Start a Company Garden
Two years ago, we built a new garden that surrounds an outdoor sitting area where staff utilize during the warmer months, whether it be to eat lunch, have a different location for a team meeting or just to catch a few moments to unwind. The garden has several components that are important. First, a large food bed was created so that our team can grow and enjoy their own produce. The other planter areas include flowers and most importantly local native plants. This is great for the environment and creates habitats for our local birds and insects.

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Creating Stronger Communities and Human Connections

Posted by Joseph Sapp on May 1, 2014 2:42:06 AM

Talley Management Group (TMG)’s mission is to create stronger communities and human connections to enhance global society, this focus is more specific toward associations and societies, but the company is taking this charter one step further by creating international bridges connecting students in the United States with those overseas in Kenya. Prior to a recent trip to Africa, TMG’s President and CEO Gregg Talley tasked his employees with locating an area school district who would be interested in partnering with the Moi Avenue Primary School in Kenya. The Washington Township Orchard Valley Middle School’s 6th grade reading class, taught by Madeline La Voe and Kelly Walz, eagerly agreed to participate after a failed attempt on their own to create a global partnership with a school in Canada. Talley’s connection to the Moi Avenue Primary School allowed for an ease of partnership between the two schools. After numerous email exchanges, it was agreed that students at both schools would write pen pal letters and collect various items of interest for each class. Talley also encouraged his employees to get involved by donating art supplies for the school in Africa.

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TMG Gives Back

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Apr 2, 2014 3:11:21 AM

One of TMG's Core Values is "Creating Stronger Communities and Human Connections to Enhance Global Society." In keeping up with that Core Value TMG recently had a chance to give back by collecting school supplies to be donated to the Moi Avenue Primary School in Kenya.  Included in the donations were art supplies and laptop computers that will go a long way for the Nairobi, Kenya located school.  In addition TMG is helping to connect Moi Avenue with a local school to serve as "pen pals."

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