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It’s Nice to See You Again

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Jan 8, 2019 9:58:03 AM

When many companies find themselves having to focus on staff turnover and filling vacant positions, Talley Management Group finds itself welcoming some of its former staff back.

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Delivering Great Customer Service All Year Round

Posted by TMG on Oct 2, 2018 2:14:17 PM

Customer service is a very large part of the Talley Management Group’s business philosophy-our team members follow our Core Values, serving with passion and pride. In acknowledgement of “Customer Service Appreciation Week,” TMG team members offer some of the ways they provide our client partners with the best customer service possible, every day, all year round.

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Going Global: How we launched, how we're growing and when we're doing it again

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Aug 15, 2018 4:36:22 PM

In May, TMG announced its a new joint venture with the an award-winning firm, plan it! that specializes in conference and event planning; association management and consulting; and loyalty and engagement strategies. TMG and plan it! have been working together to enhance and expand the association management services available to new or existing Indian associations and global organizations wishing to grow the Indian market, creating Vraata. As anyone can imagine, this has been a very exciting time for both partners as we’ve had the chance to watch this concept become a reality.

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Topics: Association Management, Association Growth, Core Values, Innovation, World PCO Alliance, TMG, Associations, vision, business plan, association management company, global, Vraata, consulting and outsourcing, India

TMG: A Proud Member of the “Culture Club,” Fostering an Environment of Positive Culture

Posted by TMG on Aug 2, 2018 2:06:39 PM

Keeping employees happy to come to work every day isn’t easy. It is driven by the foundation and core of the company and works outward. AssociationsNow posted a great article today about positive culture in the workplace and TMG thought it would be the perfect time to share how it continually works on being a place where people are both happy and proud to work.

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Topics: Professional Development, Recruitment, Retention, Core Values, Culture, Thought Leadership, Mission, Purpose, association management company, positive change, employee appreciation, internal communications

Help yourself. Volunteer.

Posted by Lauren Schoener-Gaynor on Apr 19, 2018 10:22:46 AM

National Volunteer Week, powered by Points of Light, is an opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers who come together to tackle tough challenges and build stronger, more resilient communities. Each year, Points of Light shines a light on the people and causes that inspire others to serve, recognizing and thanking volunteers who lend their time, talent and voice to make a difference in their communities.

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Topics: Team, Core Values, Culture, Mission, Volunteers, advocacy, awareness, vision, National Volunteer Week, volunteering

Make it your mission to have a great mission

Posted by Lauren Schoener-Gaynor on Apr 4, 2018 11:55:27 AM

Today, April 4, 2018, marks what would have been Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday. A woman of many remarkable words, she wrote poems and even statements that made us think. This quote, in particular, prompted some thought, especially as to how it relates to associations.

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Topics: Mission Statement, Core Values, Mission, collaboration, awareness, vision

The Influence of your Attitude

Posted by Joseph Sapp on May 3, 2014 3:35:48 AM

I recently saw an article on an industry newsletter that caught my eye.  The original blog posed the question, "Staffing the Association: Employ Staff or Contract with AMC?”  The post gave a great overview of the benefits of partnering with an AMC.  While not going into specifics, it hit the high level benefits that we, as an AMC provide for Associations.  There was a follow up on the subject, addressing a few comments that focused on why employing your own staff is a better option for an association.

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Topics: Rockefeller Habits, Core Values, Thought Leadership, Values Based Leadership

Creating Stronger Communities and Human Connections

Posted by Joseph Sapp on May 1, 2014 2:42:06 AM

Talley Management Group (TMG)’s mission is to create stronger communities and human connections to enhance global society, this focus is more specific toward associations and societies, but the company is taking this charter one step further by creating international bridges connecting students in the United States with those overseas in Kenya. Prior to a recent trip to Africa, TMG’s President and CEO Gregg Talley tasked his employees with locating an area school district who would be interested in partnering with the Moi Avenue Primary School in Kenya. The Washington Township Orchard Valley Middle School’s 6th grade reading class, taught by Madeline La Voe and Kelly Walz, eagerly agreed to participate after a failed attempt on their own to create a global partnership with a school in Canada. Talley’s connection to the Moi Avenue Primary School allowed for an ease of partnership between the two schools. After numerous email exchanges, it was agreed that students at both schools would write pen pal letters and collect various items of interest for each class. Talley also encouraged his employees to get involved by donating art supplies for the school in Africa.

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Topics: Community Service, Core Values, Thought Leadership

TMG Gives Back

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Apr 2, 2014 3:11:21 AM

One of TMG's Core Values is "Creating Stronger Communities and Human Connections to Enhance Global Society." In keeping up with that Core Value TMG recently had a chance to give back by collecting school supplies to be donated to the Moi Avenue Primary School in Kenya.  Included in the donations were art supplies and laptop computers that will go a long way for the Nairobi, Kenya located school.  In addition TMG is helping to connect Moi Avenue with a local school to serve as "pen pals."

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Topics: Community Service, Kenya, Core Values, Gregg Talley, Thought Leadership

Living our Core Values: Supporting an environment where professional and personal goals are shared, encouraged, and achieved

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Mar 1, 2013 2:52:33 AM

The importance of having a great work environment that supports development and goals is a good aspiration for any company. It can be challenging to create a culture where individuals are actively engaged and meeting goals. It has to be something every staff member embraces and the key is creating a work environment that inspires passion without asking for it. If we are truly living our core values then engagement/passion and motivation are a byproduct, but it still takes work! Naturally, we want our teams vested in TMG and our clients to succeed– so how do we provide each individual an opportunity to be their best self?

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