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TMG: A Proud Member of the “Culture Club,” Fostering an Environment of Positive Culture

Posted by TMG on Aug 2, 2018 2:06:39 PM

Keeping employees happy to come to work every day isn’t easy. It is driven by the foundation and core of the company and works outward. AssociationsNow posted a great article today about positive culture in the workplace and TMG thought it would be the perfect time to share how it continually works on being a place where people are both happy and proud to work.

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How to Improve Your Member Retention

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Jan 3, 2018 8:45:00 AM

For those associations who have a calendar based membership, you are facing down another member retention campaign. Why do we do this to ourselves? The end of the year always means fighting with holiday budgets, time out of the office and lots of other things grabbing the attention of our members.

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9 Ways to Help Increase Member Retention Rates

Posted by Nelly Flumo on Jul 12, 2016 9:17:07 AM

Can you imagine being a member of an organization and not quite sure on what it stands for? Would you feel like you belonged or would you feel motivated to assist that organization in reaching its goals?  If you are like me, then of course not, you would question why you even joined. Membership retention and engagement is indeed one of the greatest challenges most membership based organizations face.

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Membership Madness Revisited

Posted by Joseph Sapp on Apr 17, 2013 3:40:56 AM

Recently, Talley’s Association Management Services Division made the trip to the Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives’ March Membership Madness half day education session.  Led by Todd Von Deak, CAE and Ethan Gray, CAE, the session provided a unique overview of multiple membership issues.  Instead of a traditional session focused on issues that Todd and Ethan picked out, this session was totally crowd sourced.  The direction of the session was dependent on the attendees and what they wanted to cover.  This unique session format provided the attendees the opportunity to engage not only with the presenters, but also fellow attendees; which included a group of attendees who attended via virtual video conference.

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