Alexis Guy, PHR

Associate Director of Human Resources

Alexis Guy, PHR, Associate Director of Human Resources, joins Talley as an accomplished and certified Human Resources professional. Alexis brings a wealth of expertise and experience in the ever-evolving landscape of human resources. Prior to joining Talley, Alexis worked in the real estate and financial services industries where she held pivotal roles in leading organizations and making a significant impact to human resources operations. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, Alexis has established herself as a strategic leader and problem-solver in the field, driving organizational success through her comprehensive understanding of human resources best practices.

Alexis’ journey in the realm of human resources began with a strong educational foundation. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management from Wilmington University in May 2017. Committed to continuous learning, Alexis is currently pursuing further studies at Tulane University Law School, specializing in Labor & Employment Law, earning a Master of Jurisprudence. Additionally, she holds a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI), underlining her commitment to excellence in human resources management.

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